The hotel always pays the maximum attention to the security of its clients and personnel.  We have adapted a rigid protocol which is scrupulously applied.  The hotel is constantly monitored by a company specialised in risk-prevention,  regarding the alimentary chain,  and of the security surrounding the hotel’s environment. Our staff are periodically updated and informed of procedures to adopt to eliminate risks  within the structure of the hotel and work involved.

The hotel uses the HACCP method, which is the method of identification hazard areas within preparation and storage of food.  As well as constant monitoring  of fridge and freezer conditions, we effect a careful check of merchandise entering the hotel, and effect, at least twice a year, a microbiological analysis.

To alleviate any possible problems related water infection, such as Legionnaires disease, the water and air conditioning systems in the hotel are analysed and disinfected every six months.

The swimming pool water is analyzed  three times per day, to be sure of the constant healthy values required.    

For fire protection, throughout the hotel are smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, automatic fire doors in the corridors and automatic lift block.  The fire escape is easy to reach and every room and corridor has a clearly visible evacuation plan. All soft furnishings, bedding and curtains are of a fire-proof material.

During the period of SARS COV2  immediate and necessary measures were activated to block, as much as possible, the spreading and contagion of the illness. The hotel reception desk is protected by a plexiglass barrier and all hotel staff are given a protective mask and disinfectant hand products. Hand gels are at the disposal of the clients in many areas of the hotel. The hotel rooms are disinfected after every departure of clients, using the necessary products and equipment.  In the dining room, the tables are well distanced and the buffet is not accessible by clients, but served by designated members of staff.